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In Office Extractions in Landen, OH

Take care of your teeth
At William Renz DDS LLC in Landen and Mason, OH we practice preventative dentistry and work with each patient to find the right approach for their comfort level. Our preventative dentistry can head off many problems you might incur in the future, and can save you allot of money in the long run. Ask us for more information about it today.

Our dental office can get your children off on the right foot towards a lifetime of healthy teeth. Our state-of-the-art equipment and use of the most modern techniques by our highly skilled and caring dentists can put you or your child at rest. Or, for specific issues, there is no need to put up with a toothache or discomfort when the friendly team at William Renz DDS LLC is always available to keep you smiling brightly. 
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Extraction Services

Most tooth extractions can be performed by Dr Renz in our office. The procedure typically requires just a local anesthetic. Some patients may choose to be sedated which will require a referral to an oral surgeon however this is often times not necessary. 
Throughout the procedure you should expect to feel pressure but no pain. The tooth is in fact not "pulled" but is actually being lifted from its socket with skill and precision. Regardless of why you need to have a tooth removed, there's nothing to fear from this common and routine dental service which we are happy to offer to our patients. 
Woman about to undergo preventative dentistry in Mason, OH

Preventative Services

William Renz DDS LLC offers a variety of preventative dentistry services to help you maintain strong and healthy teeth. Our specialists can assist with all types of common dental issues including:
  • Teeth cleaning, polishing and plaque removal 
  • Digital X-rays
  • All preventative services  
  • Restorative dentistry, crowns and bridges
  • Dental sealants 
At William Renz DDS LLC's modern dental office in Mason, we also provide emergency dental service when you are in need.
A happy child about to undergo preventative dentistry in Mason, OH

Restorative Services

Going to the dentist can be a trial for some children and for some adults too. At our dental office in Mason, we make sure to provide a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for our patients of all ages. For the children we have a play area to keep them occupied and at ease while their siblings or parents are visiting the dentist.
Our caring staff is always on hand to put the little ones and their parents alike, at ease!
Dentist discussing preventative dentistry with patient in Mason, OH

Cosmetic Services

It is a fact that some people have teeth that are naturally more susceptible to staining or have darker enamel than others. This can be due to lifestyle choices, diet, or simple genetics.
William Renz DDS LLC offers the very latest in teeth whitening, cosmetic dental procedures and restorative dentistry at highly competitive rates. Come to our dental office in Mason to learn more today!
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